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What a whirlwind we have all gone through with the COVID-19 pandemic upon us. We are all thrown into a "new normal" as many people are calling it and most of us aren't even sure what that really means.

In the wedding realm, this has meant many postponements for couples, and sadly for some even cancellations all together. Many are moving to elopements instead of grand parties that they would have otherwise shared with their friends and family. For vendors, it means all of the work we thought we had lined up during this time and planned on is now going away. Sure, in most cases it'll be back at a later date, but it certainly isn't what we had expected.

At this time, most vendors are planning for 2021 and hoping to amp up bookings to make up for the losses in 2020. You will likely find a lot of vendors quicker to respond to emails, and anxious to get you on their books for next season! This is a good thing of course as the shopper, you have so many options and all of them are eager to be chosen. The challenge for you now is to decide who is the best fit for you. In thinking of this, I decided to give a few ideas on things to think about when narrowing down a Hair and Makeup Artist for your big day.

There is the obvious first thing to consider which is whether you like their style and feel that their portfolio fits the look you're hoping for. That part seems to go without saying. As a hair and makeup artist myself, it was very educational for me to have to think about who I would hire for my own wedding day last year. I hadn't really thought about how I would choose someone in the past since I am on usually on the other end of that choice. Here are the things that I considered once I narrowed down the options with the portfolios that appealed to me the most...

1.) WHAT IS IN THEIR KIT? Sure, I am equipped with product knowledge that everyone may not have given my profession, however, this is a good question for anyone to ask. Get a grasp on the product lines that your artist carries in their kit. Even if you do not know much about them, you can look them up from there! You are then able to get information about the product details and ingredients in the event that you have any allergies to consider. This will also give you an idea of the level at which your artist invests in their product offerings and may find that you prefer one over the other in that knowledge.

2.) FLEXIBILITY! When planning a wedding, you are juggling availability, scheduling, and execution of the plan! Having someone that is able to roll with the changes and adjust to your needs is key. We all have to consider one another in the planning process and understand our limitations, but the ability to make a change and be met with flexibility from your vendor is incredibly soothing. If you feel that someone is going to be irritated or frustrated if you have to change your trial date or adjust the timing of the wedding day from the original plan, it can quickly become an unnecessary stress that you could possibly avoid.

3.) PERSONALITY! This sort of goes with number two here. The level of flexibility someone has for your planning process is due in part to their personality in most cases. Finding a person that can easily fit in with your group on your big day is a huge bonus. Your hair and makeup artist is there with you before the festivities truly begin. They help in setting the tone of the day since you spend the first part of it with them. Choose someone that will make you feel comfortable and blend in well with you and your bridal party so everyone can start the day off peacefully and ideally with a lot of laughs and fun moments to remember!

I hope these tips help some of you out there in making the best choice for your wedding day vendors! These tips are specific to hair and makeup in this particular post, however they are really great to consider across the board with all of your vendors. Find the people that you enjoy being around and those that will understand the process and work with you through it. This will relieve a lot of stress and create a happier event all together.

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